RBS - Lift System

The response to this new shade lift system has been very enthusiastic.

The sleek slim profile head rail system will lift up to 30 pounds of roman, balloon or austrian shade. It is available in length of up to 19'. Outside projection is just 1 1/2 inches. Brackets are available for inside, outside or ceiling mount.

All moving parts are hidden inside the white metal headrail. This affords you two clear advantages: first the moving parts are protected so there is much less possibility of call backs, second the appearance is clean, more finished and professional.

Installation of the shade can be accomplished by either attaching the shade to a board with the RBS system mounted directly underneath or by mounting the shade to the headrail itself with the use of an optional velcro strip.

You can purchase this system from us in one of 3 ways.

1. We will sell you the component and you can assemble yourself.

2. We will assemble to your specifications. Click here for an order form.

3. We will assemble and mount on a board. Click here for an order form.

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