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Schumacher Showroom, Boston Design Center

Reliable Fabrics constructed this 80 foot Forest CS Track to hang from 30" ceiling brackets in the remodel of the Schumacher showroom located in the Boston Design Center. Installation by Marks and Tavano.

Custom Motorized Roman Shades

Reliable Fabrics offers custom motorized Roman shade systems. Motor is powered by Lithium iOn battery and will only need charging approximately every six months.


420" Long Drapes

Draperies for the new Washington Suare building in Boston, MA are made to be 424” long. There was a time restraint as the lift would be in the 3 story lobby area for only 3 days. The Forest CS® Tracks with ripplefold carriers were made Tuesday and hung into the ceiling on Tuesday. The finished measurements were sent to Reliable Tuesday night. It took 3 people to maneuver the 120“ fabric cut the goods. Two people worked the table to get the length correct by folding the fabric 3 times. You can see it is everyone together to fold and finish the job. Everything was hung on Thursday. The lift was picked up that night.

Reliable 420 in installation photo_edite

420" Long Drapes Installed!

This drapery project called for the finished drapes to be 420” long stationary panels in a 3 story lobby. The entry area doubles as a function hall for many events. The fabric chosen by the design firm needed to be very stable so there would be minimal stretch at this length. Success!

Double RBS Roman Blinds

Top down bottom up Romans on the Forest RBS System. We used a 3" board, the minimum to house the two headrails. One chain each side and you are all set.

Large Open Area.jpg

Making a Large Area Cozy

These ripplefold drapes are all hung on Forest CS® Tracks. Sheers are 190" long.

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